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Game scenarios:

  • Classic

Participants: two teams

Objective: Each team must hit all enemies. The team that lost all members loses the game.

  • Conquering the flag

Participants: two teams

Objective: One flag is placed in the middle of the playground, the team must get the flag and bring it to its basecamp area. If a player carrying a flag is caught, he must place the flag exactly where it was hit and may not pass it on to a teammate.

  • Conquering the enemy’s flag

Participants: two teams

Objective: Flags will be placed on the support areas of both teams, the team must conquer the enemy’s flag and bring it to its support area. If a player carrying a flag is caught, he must place the flag exactly where it was hit and may not pass it on to a teammate.

  • The last hero

Participants: single players

Objective: You are out for yourself on the playground, you have no allies, only enemies around.

The player you catch gives you his wristband, the one who collects more wristbands wins.


  • In the beginning of the game, all players must put on masks. The beginning of the game is marked with one long whistle, the end of the game with two small whistles.
  • The protective mask must always be worn Never and under no circumstances should it be taken away, neither on the playground nor in the pre-shooting zone.
  • Outside the playing area, the weapon must have a safety latch on top and the weapon hole pointing downwards.
  • The captured player is obliged to raise the marker, place the other hand on his head and say the word “OUT” and leave the territory of the game as soon as possible.
  • When leaving the playground, make sure that the safety latch is on and the weapon hole is pointing down
  • Shooting at players who have already been hit is strictly forbidden.
  • The player must not shoot from a distance of less than 5 meters. If you were able to approach without the player noticing – declare him caught.
  • Shooting is also prohibited in the open head area as it can seriously damage the player’s health.
  • In addition to the players, the referees are also on the court. If you have problems with the equipment – call a judge. If your mask is sweaty – call a judge. If you want to know if you were caught, call a judge. If you want to know if your ball was broken on the enemy – call the referee shouting “Check this player!”
  • The player caught is the one who declared himself caught, the one who went outside the boundaries of the playground, the one whose clothes or equipment have a stain of paint. If the scariest thing happened and you are caught, announce it out loud, raise the marker and leave the field by the shortest route or following the judge’s instructions.
  • The marker is loaded only with the balls provided by the organizer.
  • It is allowed to share weapons and ammunition with your team members during the game.
  • It is forbidden to use non-broken balls during the game, regardless of their cleanliness. Otherwise, the weapon may break.
  • Masks should only be cleaned with water and paper / tissue.
  • Drunk, smoke drunk and irresponsible people are not allowed on the playground. Participants under the age of 18 must have the written consent of their parents.
    A person under the age of 18 is only allowed to participate in the game with a person over the age of 18 who is responsible for that player.
  • Shooting at referees, spectators, captured players, passers-by, animals and cars is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of technical safety and / or non-compliance with the rules of the game, the referee has the right to remove the player from the court.