Canoeing on the river

Our goal is to offer extreme experiences for everyone, whether you are old or young, experienced or a beginner.

Worth knowing

  • Before starting your canoe trip, make sure that the safety vest is properly worn. Electronics and everything else that shouldn’t get wet should be packed in waterproof bags as the storage in the canoe is not 100% waterproof. Bring as few loose items as possible and attach them firmly under the seats.
  • When going into the water, the canoe must be in the direction of travel. The rear passenger enters the canoe as the last one, keeping the canoe balanced until the others board. If there is a more experienced canoeist in the company, he should sit in his back seat. The rear passenger is responsible for steering the canoe.
  • When rowing, make sure that your back is straight or concave. The pull is started from the front as much as possible, the paddle is kept upright. The pull is ended leveled with the hip. The rear seat is used for steering. The canoe is braked by rowing upside down.
  • When driving under an obstacle, such as a tree, grasp the branches, tilt your body, either forward or backward, not sideways. If the canoe has hit the ground or rocks, get out of the canoe and pull the canoe to a place where you can continue your journey When the canoe has moved, the canoe must first be turned sideways and then lifted out of the water.
  • When exiting the water, the front passenger comes out first, holding the canoe in place until everyone has come out of the canoe. Don’t forget to pull the canoe out of the water properly.
  • We recommend putting on closed shoes, such as old sneakers you’re not afraid of getting wet or dirty.

NB! Canoeing (equipment rental) is entirely at your own risk.

Sämi Siil is not responsible for the lives and physical traumas of canoeists.